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Storage and shipping solutions

Depending on consumers’ requirements, production location we can offer different solutions for pellet packaging and transportation.

Options of pellets shipment for delivery to the port (or directly to consumer):

No temporary packaging:

  • Shipment from bunker for trucks or railway hopper wagons

  • Shipping containers
  • Individual solutions: for intermediate storage of ready pellets we offer big silos (4 th. ton each) equipped with automatic loading system.

Preliminarily packed:

  • Big-Bag containers (800-1000 kg) – the most convenient way of packaging for further shipment in bulk on vessels.

  • Soft containers SCR (8-10 t) – usually used in case of close location of production facilities to the port. Loaded SCRs can be stocked at the sawmill’s berth, from where they are re-loaded to vessels in bulk.

  • Smaller bags (15 kg) – pellets are packed into small plastic bags at fully or semi-automatic packaging lines equipped with palletizers.