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Spare parts deliveries

What is the secret of success of foreign manufacturers like AS Hekotek in the Russian market? The answer lies in guaranteed quality of the equipment supplied, flexibility and in ability to listen to and consider customers’ needs. And of course in high quality of aftersales service, including supply of spare parts and components that are essential for operation of any equipment, as nobody knows how to prevent machinery from natural wear and tear.

However, our partners are eager not only to sell, but keep their positions on the market. Thus, our task is to make spare parts and service available.

Delivery time is a crucial point in spare parts supply, as usually the reason of part replacement lies in unexpected fault. Professionally all of us come from timber processing industry, so we understand very well the real cost of one day operation hold-up. For that reason as well we try to ensure the soonest feedback for any service issue even in the most challenging situations.

It is no secret that Russian bureaucracy often becomes an obstacle for fast spare parts delivery. Therefore, delivery and customs registration require workup – customs procedures can last for months without necessary preparations. At this stage assistance and support provided by Sorb help accelerate the process of delivery and customs clearance and, thus, to decrease the terms to 3-10 days. However, we still strongly recommend the enterprises to perform preventive maintenance and plan 2-3 months ahead which spare parts and consumables may be needed in the nearest future. In this case urgent transportation will not be required, everything will be planned and delivered within an adequate time, with minimal costs.