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Pellet production

Own Engineering & Design Department as well as production facilities ensure additional reliability of both technical solutions and their realization.

Hekotek complex solutions for by-products processing are based on our experience and expertise in the field of conveyor systems, aspiration and heat energy production. We offer engineering design of 'turn-key' module solutions with respect to the possibility of further development of the customer’s production facilities.

General and technical characteristics:

  • Sawdust of natural moisture content used as raw material for pellets production. Special solutions with chippers for other types of raw material (chips, processing waste of sawn timber, round log)
  • Furnace to produce necessary amount of heat energy (~4 MW) for sawdust drying ensure also that bark and chips can be used as fuel. Recommended calorific capacity of the fuel applied – not less than 10 MJ/kg, moisture content up to 55%
  • Drier drum capacity – up to 3.5-4.5 ton of dry sawdust, where the share of 10x2x0.7 mm sawdust fraction – up to 90%, the initial moisture content – up to 60%
  • Final moisture content for sawdust coming out of the drier drum (provided that all the above-mentioned conditions are met) – 10-12%
  • One pellet press capacity – about 3.5-4.5 ton/hour of 'good-and-ready' pellets, final moisture content – 8 -10 %
  • Instead of drum driers we also offer other sawdust drying solutions (e.g. belt drying)

Pellet plant standard configuration:

  • Walking floor feeding systems for bark, wet and dry sawdust
  • Screw, scraper or belt conveyors for transporting loose material between different units
  • For preparing and pressing sawdust, cooling and screening ready pellets we use equipment supplied by leading world manufacturers
  • Various solutions for pellets storage (silos, storage houses) and packing (small packaging, 'big-bag' or soft containers SCR)
  • Filter systems with aspiration pipes for collecting saw- and wood dust are based on our extended experience
  • Control based on Siemens processor and computer screen visualization
  • Supporting structures and frames of maintenance platforms made of strong